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The candidate view:Select the appropriate
In the era of fierce competition in the talent, many companies are trying to recruit the best talent, and when Lee thinks "choose the right". In the selection process, to the "open, fair, justice, merit, right" as the guiding ideology, adhere to the "principle of recruitment competition, to the post man", is the pursuit of fit between people and jobs, talent is the best the most suitable talent.

With the view of people:Give full scope to the talents
With the entry of people in Heshili, see diploma, after taking the door, see ability. So when the people and lies not only in his professional, pay more attention to his plasticity. And when Lee will not easily to a staff said "you can't ask employees", but "what are your strengths, you can do the jobs". The enterprise personnel truly realized "give full scope to the talents", maximize the development of human resources.

Keep people view: retain talent
enterprises to "stand" word, it is a "person", the following is a "stop", no one stopped, enterprise. So, to keep people is the first step, to retain talent is the key. The establishment of "and" as the core of the "people-oriented" enterprise culture, pay attention to culture in Heshili.At the same time, Heshili also pay attention to pay, salary scheme established a set of perfect, especially pay attention to technology, comprehensive talents to improve the treatment, fully embodies the rational value distribution, to motivate employees to maximize the value of.

Current the Heshili, It is the enterprise of a new round of development with the person, and when Lee pragmatic person with candidate mode, flexible mode, and provides a good development platform for each staff. Open and profits when you are welcome!
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